The Neighbours Project


Health Commons Solutions Lab, Sinai Health


Public Health Agency of Canada


September 2021 to August 2024

The Neighbours Project is engaging older adults (age 55+) in two neighbourhoods in Toronto (in North York and Downtown East). With many older adults feeling more alone now than ever before, Health Commons and partners are supporting social connection, community participation, healthier eating and physical activity for those who need and want more support.

Key Activities

Engage Neighbourhoods: Mobilizing multi-sectoral community partnerships

  • Community Dialogue: A monthly event that brings together seniors and service providers to reflect and discuss a specific theme (e.g. Belonging, Caregiving, etc.)

Engage People: Implementing evidence-based public education and outreach activities

Conversations with older adults about the importance of being connected, setting health goals, engaging in healthy physical activity and nutrition and building support circles.

  • Let’s Talk Social Health
  • Living Healthier Longer
    • Making Healthy Food Choices
    • Let’s Start Moving
  • Health & Wellness Fair

Engage Goals: Implementing community connection activities

Older adults receive 1:1 support for quality-of-life self-assessment, person-directed goals and action planning, finding resources and connections. Trained Community Connectors work with individuals over the course of 4-6 weeks to create holistic and dynamic community circles of care based on the important skills, relationships, opportunities, challenges and unmet needs they identify.

Engage Peers: Strengthening peer networks to support healthy activities

  • Health Champions

For More Information

Phone: 416-569-3440



Neighbours is unfolding in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross’s Connected Communities Project in North York. We are proud to be working together to support the wellbeing of older adults in this community. More information about the Canadian Red Cross can be found at