Community Support Centre of Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community Program

Community Support Centre of Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community Program


Various – including Foundation and Ontario Health project grants



Whole population initiative includes

multiple embedded programs. All program streams engage in routine results tracking, quality of life impact assessment and continuous improvement:

  • Social health screener user and feasibility testing
  • Community Connections (person-directed goals, planning and navigation)
    Clients receive 1:1 support for quality-of-life self-assessment, person-directed goals and action planning, finding resources, and connections. Trained connectors work with individuals to create holistic and dynamic community circles of care based on the important skills, relationships, opportunities, challenges, and unmet needs they identify.
  • Connection Café (connection, peer-based wellness support and education)
    A group-based self-management program that builds supportive peer networks, provides hand-on exploration of selected community resources, and helps participants develop new skills, attitudes and behaviors. Connection Café series program evaluation (education and support groups)
    Connection Café – Caregiving for serious illness
    Connection Café – Living My Best Life
    Grief and Loss Café
    Persian Café
    Hindi Café
    Other language programs (Chinese, Arabic, Tamil, other South Asian, etc)
    Youth Crew
    (Mental health – tbd)
  • Essentially Well Program (Intergenerational Wellness)
    A weekly phone-based program to connect older adults with youth or youth with older adults through structured conversations and activities that enhance overall wellness. Conversations include: Socialization & Reminiscing; Mental Wellness (brain games, self-care, stress/loneliness); Emotional Wellness (positive self-talk/ healthy thinking, coping strategies, gratitude); Let’s Get Physical; Spiritual Wellness & Mindfulness; Ageism; Cultural Wellness; Planning for Your Future (ACP, problem solving, setting SMART goals). This program aims to reduce stress and loneliness by creating access for students and seniors to connect and share lived experiences and perspectives.
  • Virtual Community Centre Wellness Programs – Adult Day Programming
    Focusing on music, art and fitness, our Virtual Community Centre delivers a wide range of weekly wellness programs that help people connect with others, do more of what they love to do, support their health, and engage in intergenerational and intercultural exchanges that reduce stigma and promote well-being.
  • Community Health Check ins (Preventative Care)
    Every 6-12 months (and sometimes more frequently) we call and “check-in” with clients engaged with WECCC from any of the above program streams. People identified as struggling or needing help through these calls are registered back through the Community Connections programs.  Information about education and other wellness programs is offered.
  • Public education program
    • Let’s Talk Social Health
    • Health and Wellness Fair for Seniors
  • Student internship program evaluation
  • Social Prescribing Pilot
  • Mobile Outreach and High-Risk Neighbourhood program

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Kamal Mann, Program Coordinator, Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community
Phone: 519-728-1435 ext 208
Toll Free: 1-855-728-1433
WECCC is a program of the Community Support Centre of Essex County